GooApps starts its internationalization in the United States


When passion for technology merges with the commitment to improve the health and well-being of people, the result is GooApps, the leading mobile application development agency in Spain. Our firm has always been distinguished by a specialized approach that places people at the center of every solution, driving innovation in the health, sports, and wellness sectors. This dedication has consolidated us as benchmarks in a field where technology and quality of life go hand in hand.

Today, GooApps faces an expansive horizon. We have decided to extend our borders further, resuming our internationalization process, which began in 2019 with a close collaboration with Shockoe but was abruptly halted by the outbreak of Covid-19. Now, we are re-entering the US market, a highly active scene for technology and innovation. This strategic move towards internationalization reflects our desire to grow and compete on a global level, as well as to integrate new perspectives and challenges that only a market like the United States can offer.

This expansion process is a gateway to exciting opportunities, where we aspire to leave a mark on the North American health, sports, and wellness technology ecosystem. We head into this new chapter with a portfolio of innovative projects and a clear vision of what we want to achieve in this large and competitive market.

We invite you to continue reading to discover how GooApps will take its first steps in this exciting adventure of internationalization on American soil, starting with our presence at the eMerge Americas event, with Miami serving as our gateway to the United States. Join us on this journey where technology meets the future of health and wellness on a global level.

Landing at eMerge Americas


eMerge Americas is shaping up as the ideal stage for GooApps’ international debut. This renowned event, held in Miami, Florida, on April 18 and 19, has established itself as a meeting point for technological innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and change agents. The choice of eMerge Americas to take our first step in the United States is no coincidence, but rather we chose it because it satisfies our aspiration to be at the core of innovation and technology globally.

The convention, situated in the energetic and multicultural environment of Miami, offers a unique platform for startups, investors, and professionals to exchange ideas, explore collaborations, and showcase their latest innovations. Miami, with its extensive Latin American population, has established itself as a bridge between North America and Spanish-speaking countries, while also being a hub for technological and business activities, making it the perfect place to introduce GooApps to the American market.

Participation in eMerge Americas represents an exceptional opportunity for GooApps to connect with other industry leaders, explore emerging trends, and position our innovative solutions in front of an international audience. This event symbolizes our launch in the United States and underscores our commitment to expansion and continual growth in new strategic markets.

Once the scheduled agenda in Miami is completed, GooApps will continue with its internationalization process, with New York as the next stop. Stay tuned to not miss the next steps of GooApps in American lands.

About eMerge Americas


eMerge Americas has positioned itself as a meeting point in the technological field, establishing itself as an annual summit notable for its strategic location in Miami and for its capacity to bring together the most influential actors in the industry. This event transcends the traditional barriers of the technology sector, providing a dynamic space where innovation and commerce meet at a global scale.

The objectives of eMerge Americas are clear. First, it seeks to strengthen the technological ecosystem, facilitating an environment in which emerging startups and established companies can interact, share ideas, and establish strategic alliances. This is achieved through conferences, workshops, and exhibitions that provide attendees a framework to access the latest industry knowledge and explore new technologies. Moreover, the event acts as a bridge for investors looking to discover and fund the next big technological innovation, making it a very interesting meeting point for companies and startups like Surfland, which is present at the event through GooApps.

In this context, eMerge Americas promotes the transfer of knowledge and collaboration among different sectors of the technological field, while also seeking to drive the economic and technological development of Miami and, by extension, the region.

Agenda and featured content

The agenda of eMerge Americas is designed to address the most current and disruptive topics in technology, with a particular focus on how innovation can transform entire industries. This year, the event features a series of conferences and panels notable for their relevance to the health, sports, and wellness sectors, areas in which GooApps has established strong leadership.

Conference and exhibition venues

The event will be divided among the different stages listed below:


The main platform for keynote speakers and industry pioneers who participate in panel discussions and TED-style presentations.


On the first day, we will find innovative visionaries and entrepreneurs presenting transformative ideas. On the second day, we will hear founders pitch their projects to investors during the Global Startup Accelerator + Showcase competition.


Where to interact with experts in the field and gain practical knowledge about the latest technological advancements.


A space to discover unprecedented advances focused on improving the overall patient experience and setting a new standard for the health ecosystem.


Exclusive for VIP pass holders, the Unplugged Stage offers a behind-the-scenes opportunity to hear keynote speakers answer off-the-record questions.


Content themes

The programming of eMerge Americas covers a wide range of topics, all of vital importance to the future of technology and its application across multiple sectors:

  • Entrepreneurship + Scaling
  • Investment + Funding
  • AI + Quantum Computing
  • Edtech
  • Healthtech
  • Women in Tech
  • Fintech
  • eGOV
  • Dual Use + Defense Tech
  • Welcome
  • Diversity, Equity + Inclusion
  • VIP Access
  • Climate Tech
  • Cybersecurity
  • Startup Showcase + Accelerator
  • Sports Tech
  • Space Tech

These topics are particularly pertinent for GooApps, as they directly align with our specialization in the development of mobile solutions in the health, sports, and wellness sectors.

Conferences and keynote speakers

Among this year’s featured speakers, we find industry leaders and technology pioneers who will share their perspectives and experiences in developing technological solutions. These include experts in biotechnology, digital health, and tech fitness, who will address everything from innovations in wearable devices that promote a healthy lifestyle to mobile applications that transform healthcare.

Among the more than 100 keynote speakers who will attend the event, some of the most notable are:

GooApps activities in the event


GooApps’ presence at eMerge Americas marks the beginning of our internationalization process and a key strategy to achieve specific goals that reinforce our position as leaders in the development of technology for health, sports, and wellness. GooApps will arrive in Miami along with a delegation of more Spanish companies, with a special agenda organized by ICEX, a national public business entity whose mission is to promote the internationalization of Spanish companies and the promotion of foreign investment. The agenda includes events both within and outside of eMerge Americas, to become acquainted with Miami’s business ecosystem. Among the Spanish companies that form this delegation, we find:

By participating in this influential event, GooApps aims to achieve several fundamental objectives:

Networking and strategic alliances

One of the main objectives of GooApps at eMerge Americas is to expand our network of contacts, establishing connections with potential partners, clients, and investors who share our vision of transforming the health and wellness industry through technology. This event offers a unique platform to interact with technological innovators and opinion leaders who can play a key role in our expansion into the US market.

Exploring new market opportunities

GooApps seeks to explore and better understand the specific opportunities offered by the North American market. Through conference sessions and discussion panels, we hope to gain a deeper insight into current and future trends that may influence our product and development strategies. This includes identifying unmet needs where our technological solutions could have a significant impact.

With this, we focus on starting to work with US startups in the health, sports, and wellness sectors, offering more competitive prices than those in the United States but providing a level of quality that ensures excellence.

In turn, we seek to resume and consolidate our relationship with Shockoe, as well as explore other possible local partnerships that complement us.

Innovation and expertise

eMerge Americas is the perfect stage to demonstrate our capabilities and the superior quality of our solutions. GooApps will take this opportunity to discuss our latest innovations, highlighting how our applications and technologies are specifically designed to enhance the user experience in the health and sports sectors.

Meet with us

Whether you are a leader in the health, sports, or wellness sector, a technological innovator, or an investor looking for attractive opportunities, we invite everyone to meet with us to explore how we can work together to take technological solutions to a new level. GooApps is especially interested in establishing connections with those who share our passion for improving people’s lives through technological innovation.


To ensure a personalized meeting, we invite interested parties to schedule an appointment with us through this link, or by sending an email to, where a member of our team will take care of coordinating a meeting during the event.

We hope to see you in Miami and are excited about the opportunities that may arise. Come and join GooApps on this exciting and transformative adventure.




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