GooApps at the Mobile World Congress 2024


As the most important international congress on mobile technology approaches, GooApps is getting ready to make its mark at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona, an event that brings together the brightest and most visionary minds in the tech world. This year, with special enthusiasm, we look forward to presenting Surfland, a proprietary app of GooApps, at the 4YFN, the privileged stage for tech startups looking to position themselves in their respective sectors. Beyond the presentation, our objective expands towards establishing connections that offer us added value and gathering as much information as possible on the latest technological innovations that will help us continue improving our products focused on health, sports, and wellbeing.

GooApps Presents Surfland at 4YFN


Surfland, the application designed and developed by GooApps, is the result of the fusion between passion and technology. Developed with the premise of connecting the global surfing community and offering all the services they may need in a single app, Surfland has established itself as an indispensable tool for both experienced surfers and those new to the sport. Through an intuitive interface and features that meet the real needs of its users, the application offers everything from detailed wave and weather forecasts to advice on the best spots to surf, becoming a benchmark within sports applications.

Surfland’s participation in 4YFN 2024, held within the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, reaffirms GooApps as an innovative player in the health, sports, and wellbeing sector. With a stand strategically located in the heart of the fair, Surfland presents itself as a complete ecosystem for surf enthusiasts. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the latest functionalities of the application, participate in interactive demonstrations, and meet the team that has made this innovative project possible.

The 4YFN event offers an exceptional platform for tech startups, and Surfland takes advantage of this opportunity to expand its network, obtain feedback, and explore new collaborations that drive its mission to combine the passion for surfing with the latest technology. This collaborative and open approach to learning underlines GooApps’ commitment to continuous innovation and the development of solutions that enrich the user experience.

Goals and Strategies of GooApps at MWC 2024


At the Mobile World Congress 2024, GooApps is on a strategic mission, based on four fundamental pillars that reflect our vision for the future and commitment to innovation in the health, sports, and wellness sector. Our participation in this global event is a unique opportunity to present Surfland to the world, an application that encapsulates our innovative spirit and our dedication to improving people’s lives through technology. However, the presentation of Surfland is just the beginning, as our horizon extends to networking, attending conferences of technology sector leaders, and discovering emerging technologies that can be integrated into future GooApps projects, thus outlining the path to follow towards progress and technological excellence.

Networking: Building Bridges to the Future

Participating in MWC 2024 offers us an unparalleled platform to establish connections with industry leaders, innovative startups, and potential collaborators. Every interaction is an open door to future collaborations and joint projects that can accelerate our mission to transform the health and wellness sector.

Attending Conferences: Continuous Learning for Innovation

GooApps’ commitment to continuous learning is evidenced by our active participation in the conferences that will take place during the MWC. These knowledge spaces are essential to stay up to date with the latest technological trends, better understand market needs, and anticipate changes in the sectors we specialize in.

Among the speakers at this edition, some of the most relevant will be:

  1. Julie Sweet, Chair & CEO, Accenture.
  2. Yang Jie, Chairman, China Mobile.
  3. Michael Dell, Chairman & CEO, Dell Technologies.
  4. Tim Höttges, CEO, Deutsche Telekom.
  5. Demis Hassabis, CEO & Co-Founder, Google DeepMind.
  6. Mats Granryd, Managing Director, GSMA.
  7. Antonio Neri, President & CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
  8. Brad Smith, Vice Chair & President, Microsoft Corporation.
  9. José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman & CEO, Telefónica.
  10. Margherita Della Valle, Group CEO, Vodafone Group.

The complete list of MWC 2024 speakers can be found here.

Discovering Emerging Technologies: Looking to the Future

Staying up-to-date means always being one step ahead. At GooApps, we will explore the emerging technologies presented at MWC to assess how these can be integrated into our future projects. From the multiple applications of artificial intelligence to any innovation related to health, sports, or well-being, each new proposal represents an opportunity to enhance our applications and services, ensuring they remain relevant and effective.

Among the most prominent themes of this edition, the following will be found:

  • 5G and Beyond: The journey of 5G to date, the next phase called 5G Advanced, and even how technology for 6G is beginning to take shape.
  • Connecting Everything: According to GSMA Intelligence, by 2030 there will be 5 billion 5G connected devices. With the number of connected devices growing ever larger, the mobile ecosystem needs to work together to build more adaptable, automated, and cost-efficient networks capable of providing quality service.
  • Humanizing AI: From the potential to optimize processes and tools that can accelerate transformation in the network or cloud, to offering new levels of natural interaction between people and computers that can deliver personalized experiences for customers, the excitement around Generative AI is being built on solid foundations. The pace of change is both disruptive and exciting, and we are just beginning.
  • Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Technologies are expanding the competitive landscape with smart factories and warehouses, providing sustainable solutions that increase efficiency, improve production performance, and reduce costs. With institutions like the European Commission and companies increasingly investing in AI and robotics, can the true value of Industry 4.0 finally be captured?
  • Game Changers: Where is technology headed in 2024? Looking into the future is always complicated, especially with the emergence of technologies that have the potential to fundamentally change the dynamics of the industry. Will tomorrow’s smartphone be an AR/VR headset or a personal assistant? The technology of tomorrow starts today.
  • Our Digital DNA: The scale and scope of technological evolution mean that the business of attracting and retaining talent is expected to grow twice as fast in the next ten years. However, the number of women in technological leadership roles has significantly decreased in the last year. Our digital future is emerging, and it is vital to implement change by making social change a part of our DNA. Our digital DNA.

Alignment with GooApps’ Mission

These objectives are deeply aligned with GooApps’ mission to lead innovation in the health, sports, and well-being sector. Through the presentation of Surfland, networking, attending conferences, and discovering emerging technologies, we reaffirm our commitment to creating solutions that not only respond to the current needs of our users but also anticipate future challenges, thus ensuring a positive and lasting impact on society.

Exploring New Horizons: Networks and Collaborations


The Mobile World Congress is a showcase to observe firsthand the latest technological innovations, but it is also a sea of opportunities to develop contacts and establish valuable collaborations. For GooApps, this event represents a space to explore potential strategic alliances that can catalyze the development of innovative solutions.

The search for collaborations at MWC is oriented towards identifying synergies that can arise from combining our technological strengths with the specialties of other industry leaders. These collaborations can take various forms, from the joint development of technologies to the integration of our solutions into broader platforms, all with the goal of maximizing the positive impact on people’s lives.

Looking to the future, GooApps aspires for these interactions at MWC to translate into projects that reinforce our commitment to creating exceptional user experiences.

Future Vision: The Impact of GooApps on Health Technology


GooApps’ presence at MWC is an opportunity to project our vision towards the future of the technology sector applied to health and wellness. Participating in this global event is an exceptional scenario to discuss the future of digital health, allowing us to share our ideas and solutions, as well as to absorb and synthesize the new trends that are emerging.

GooApps’ commitment to innovation and excellence in developing health and wellness applications places us in a unique position to influence how technology can improve people’s lives. Through active participation in MWC 2024, we seek to consolidate our position as leaders in this sector.

To wrap it up

Our presence at this emblematic event, especially with the presentation of Surfland at 4YFN, symbolizes our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of technology in the health, sports, and wellness sectors. This year, MWC will be a stage to showcase our latest innovations and an unparalleled opportunity to enrich our knowledge, expand our network of contacts, and explore new collaborations that will enhance our growth and development.

Networking, participation in conferences, and the discovery of emerging technologies will be key aspects of our agenda, perfectly aligning with our goal to keep GooApps as a leader in the technological development of applications. But beyond technology, our focus remains firm on the end user: their experience, their well-being, and how our solutions can make a real difference in their lives.

We invite everyone to follow GooApps for updates on our participation in MWC 2024 and get an exclusive glimpse of the future developments we are preparing. See you in Barcelona!

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