GooApps showcases Surfland at 4YFN 2024


GooApps is renowned for developing applications for multiple clients in health, wellness, and sports sectors. Among these, Surfland stands out as a unique app, conceptualized and developed directly by GooApps. This project merges Eric García’s, CEO of GooApps, passion for surfing and apps with over 15 years of technological expertise.

What makes Surfland special is more than just its role as a global surfers’ connecting platform. It has earned a place in the surfing community with its intuitive features, detailed information on the best waves, and continual evolution to meet user needs.

This year, Surfland is showcased at the 4YFN fair in Barcelona, part of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) – the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. This event is an opportunity to demonstrate the app’s features and latest updates, offering an innovative perspective on how we interact with an app that combines sports and technology.

What is Surfland?


Surfland is a vibrant community and an indispensable resource for surfers. Designed and developed by GooApps, and currently managed by Albert Solé, this app has become an essential companion for surf lovers, regardless of their skill level. With an intuitive interface and user-oriented features, Surfland offers a wide range of functionalities.

One of the most notable features of Surfland is its ability to provide detailed and up-to-date information on surf conditions at different locations. From weather and wave forecasts to advice on the best spots for surfing, Surfland ensures its users are well-informed before heading out to sea. Additionally, the app fosters an active community where surfers can share experiences and tips. A unique feature is the integration of a marketplace, where users can find and book surf schools and surfcamps, as well as rent and purchase surfing equipment available from establishments.

Surfland’s impact on the surfing community has been well-received. It has created a space where beginners and professionals can connect, learn, and grow together. Moreover, its focus on usability and user experience has set a new standard in sports applications, making surfing more accessible and enriching for everyone. With Surfland, GooApps has not only developed an application but has also provided a space for a passionate community and an essential resource for surfers worldwide.


The functionalities of the Surfland app include:

  • Wave Information: Weather forecasts for surf conditions, including wave and weather predictions.
  • Surf Spot Guide: Recommendations for the best surfing locations, suitable for different skill levels.
  • Surfing Community: A space for sharing experiences and advice among app users.
  • Surf Marketplace: A platform for renting or purchasing surf equipment from top surf shops, as well as booking classes and trips at renowned schools and surfcamps.
  • Surf News and Events: Updates on relevant events and news from the surf world.

Surfland at 4YFN 2024


Surfland is gearing up for a significant presence at 4YFN 2024. Located at the heart of the fair (location: Package / Stand 8.1C41.6B / Hall 8.1), Surfland’s stand will be a meeting point for surf and technology enthusiasts. Visitors can interact with the app’s latest features, participate in interactive demonstrations, and meet the team behind this innovative project.

Surfland’s presence at 4YFN is an opportunity to showcase its technology, expand its network, gain valuable feedback, and explore new collaborations to further its mission of combining a passion for surfing with advanced technology.

The Surfland team is excited to reveal surprises and announcements during the fair, promising a special experience for attendees and the surf and mobile technology industries.

The Importance of 4YFN for Startups like Surfland


4YFN (4 Years From Now) is a crucial event for tech startups, particularly in the mobile sector, held in Barcelona alongside the Mobile World Congress. It offers startups like Surfland a remarkable platform to showcase their innovations and form valuable connections. Startups get to engage with investors, tech experts, and industry leaders, vital for growth and expansion.

4YFN emphasizes networking and collaboration, key for business development in tech. It also provides visibility and recognition through contests and awards, highlighting promising startups.

Participating in 4YFN can be a turning point for startups like Surfland, aiding in scaling operations and solidifying their market position. Such events are essential for growth and fostering strategic collaborations, accelerating commercial and technological success.

GooApps: The Driving Force behind Surfland


GooApps is a tech development agency specializing in health, sports, and wellness. With over 15 years of experience and a multidisciplinary team, they are known for their user-centric approach, prioritizing people in all their solutions. This philosophy is evident in their projects, which blend intuitive design with advanced technology to create appealing, user-friendly apps.

Aside from Surfland, GooApps has developed many successful apps, showcasing their prowess in creating digital solutions that meet user needs while adhering to strict regulations, particularly crucial in health and wellness, where data protection and security are paramount.

GooApps combines cutting-edge methodologies and technologies in its projects, enabling innovative mobile sector solutions. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made them a leader in mobile app development, especially in areas requiring high specialization and technical knowledge.

The Future of Surfland and GooApps


The future of Surfland and GooApps looks exciting and filled with innovation. Surfland, already an essential tool in the surfing community, plans to expand its functionality and reach, which may include enhancements to existing features, new functionalities, and expansion into new markets and audiences. Surfland is also expected to continue integrating emerging technologies to improve user experience.

GooApps, as a leader in software and mobile app development, stays at the forefront of technological innovation. It will continue exploring new areas in health, sports, and wellness, developing solutions that not only meet current market expectations but also seek innovation. With a constant focus on quality and user experience, GooApps is poised to remain a key player in the digital transformation of the health and wellness sector.

Among recent developments, GooApps has developed two new applications: Programa DOCE and ZigZig. Programa DOCE is a fitness training app for both gym and home use, focusing on optimal results through personalized training plans, detailed exercises with videos, and suggestions for series, repetitions, tempo, and weight.




On the other hand, ZigZig is an app that facilitates the exploration of unforgettable rural experiences. Focused on providing a platform for users to discover and enjoy the authenticity and beauty of the rural environment, ZigZig combines technology with a passion for nature and outdoor adventures.




In Conclusion

Surfland’s participation in 4YFN 2024 continues to highlight its commitment to innovation and the surfing community. With its stand at the event, Surfland aims to strengthen its presence in the tech sector and showcase future developments. The GooApps team, behind Surfland, remains focused on elevating the surfing experience to new levels, combining cutting-edge technology, intuitive design, and a user-centric experience. At GooApps, apps are made by and for people.

We invite everyone to join us at 4YFN 2024 to experience the world of Surfland firsthand and discover the latest developments. 4YFN is an exceptional opportunity to meet the most innovative startups of 2024. Explore the latest trends in technology and business, and connect with a dynamic and evolving community. 4YFN is a key event for those interested in how new companies are shaping the future in various sectors, including health, wellness, and sports.




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