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GooMedical® is a specialized division of GooApps® delivering targeted digital solutions to the medical sector.

GooMedical® boasts the nation's most experienced team in designing and developing mobile applications for the healthcare and medical sectors, focusing on mHealth.

We pioneer digital health innovations and lead digital transformation initiatives within the medical sector.

Our services encompass developing user-friendly mobile applications and integrating with IoT and wearable devices to collect data and vital signs.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance healthcare. Our applications and wearables bring added value to the health sector.

Cutting-edge products with high quality, visually appealing design, and advanced technological usability.

offers the
following services:

Apps co-created
with medical organizations

The chances of success increase when apps are developed together with the medical team.

Safety is our priority

Safety is our top priority. We prioritize IT security and data protection in healthcare, understanding the essential confidentiality required by eHealth, its professionals, and patients.

Accordingly, GooMedical® provides a fully secure service, compliant with all legal requirements, relying only on top-tier partners to guarantee privacy and data protection.

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Through GooMedical®, we specialise in the co-creation of mobile applications within the different technological branches of healthcare.

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    Discover GooMedical® Medical Applications. Cutting-edge products of high quality, visual design and advanced technological usability, created to improve our health and wellness.

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