Firebase: a web framework developed by Google, whose primary function is real-time storage or data management and its communication with iOS and Android Apps. It provides various functions so the project can scale and adapt as new needs arise.

React Native: A mobile application development framework designed by Facebook. The layout of our views is done using JSX code and will be transformed by the framework at runtime. It transforms them into native views for each platform, with a performance and speed above the rest of the technologies.

Symfony: a framework for building web applications with PHP. In other words, Symfony is a vast set of tools and utilities that simplify the development of web applications. Symfony follows in the footsteps of Rails to streamline the development of professional web applications with PHP as much as possible, using the best practices and design patterns.


Apple Wallet and Google Pay/Passbook: you can have credit, debit, and prepaid cards, membership and loyalty cards, boarding passes, tickets, vouchers, student cards and so on in one place. You can use cards on your iPhone or Android to check in for flights, get rewards and redeem them, go to the cinema or redeem vouchers. The cards can show you your available balance, a voucher's expiry date, the concert's seat number and much more.

Ionic: an open-source technological structure (Framework) used in the development of hybrid mobile applications, i.e. HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are combined, resulting in applications with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that are then marketed or downloaded on platforms such as Android or iOS.


Apple's Siri, OK Google and Amazon's Alexa: ask your voice-controlled virtual assistant to send a message, play your favourite series on TV or start a training session on your smartWatch. Whatever it is, it interacts with any app or device by voice. All you have to do is ask.

Our team

A high-performance team

Formed by different personal, technical and aptitude profiles, focused through our methodology and organisation on successful projects.

Laura Hernández

Osvaldo Ulises

Didac Chaves

Eric García

Santiago Falcon

Our method

GooApps® is Innovation


We advise our clients on their innovation strategy. The first step is to find out, rather than guess, what the problem is.


Architecture, design and prototyping of intuitive and usable omnichannel technological solutions through UX Design y Visual Design services.


We develop solutions around mobile devices, applying the most innovative technologies combining Continuous Delivery with Agile y Lean methodologies.


We maintain your app or system so it is always up-to-date. We provide corrective and preventive maintenance, as well as the appropriate infrastructure.

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