Firebase: Developed by Google, this web framework excels in real-time data storage and management, facilitating seamless communication with iOS and Android apps. It's designed to scale and adapt flexibly as project demands evolve.

React Native: This mobile application development framework, created by Facebook, uses JSX for layout design, transforming it at runtime into native views for each platform. It offers superior performance and speed compared to other technologies.

Symfony: A robust PHP framework for building web applications, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and utilities that streamline development. Inspired by Rails, Symfony employs best practices and design patterns to optimize professional web application development.


Apple Wallet and Google Pay/Passbook: Consolidate your credit, debit, prepaid, membership, and loyalty cards, along with boarding passes, tickets, vouchers, and student IDs in one place. Utilize your iPhone or Android device to check in for flights, redeem rewards, access cinema tickets, and more. Easily view balances, voucher expiry dates, concert seating, and other details.

Ionic: an open-source technological structure (Framework) used in the development of hybrid mobile applications, i.e. HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are combined, resulting in applications with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that are then marketed or downloaded on platforms such as Android or iOS.


Voice Assistants - Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa: Command your virtual assistant to send messages, play your favorite TV series, or start a workout on your smartwatch using just your voice. These assistants seamlessly interact with various apps and devices.

Our team

A high-performance team

Comprising diverse personal, technical, and skill profiles, our team is unified by our methodologies and organizational structure, focusing on delivering successful projects.

Roberto Pérez

Dídac Chavez

Eric Garcia Ordóñez

Osvaldo Ulises

Laura Hernández

Montse Ordóñez

Pelayo Suárez

Damir Abdrafikov

Fernando Fernández

Vinni Biazzus

Mohamed Jellal

Beatriz Gómez

Our method

GooApps® is Innovation


We guide our clients in formulating their innovation strategy by identifying, not guessing, the core challenges.


We craft architecture, design, and prototyping for intuitive and effective omnichannel technological solutions, leveraging our expertise in UX and Visual Design services.


Our development process revolves around mobile devices, incorporating the most cutting-edge technologies and integrating Continuous Delivery with Agile and Lean methodologies.


Our commitment is to maintain your app or system to be consistently up-to-date, offering both corrective and preventive maintenance, supported by the necessary infrastructure.

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