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RMEs, the e-learning platform developed by GooApps®

The European School of Reconstructive Microsurgery, RMEs, has teamed up with GooApps ® to develop a web app. This platform offers e-learning services in the medical and health sector.


This innovative web app, available for mobile phones and browsers, offers excellent facilities for advanced training in microsurgery.

Different specialities are offered in master’s and postgraduate diplomas to train professionals. Breast reconstruction, microsurgery or plastic surgery are just some of the possibilities the RMEs platform provides, thus standing out from other e-learning applications for the medical and healthcare sector.

RMEs services

Students are involved in their own experience, participating in experimental microsurgery procedures under the guidance of a professional instructor.

In addition, this training ensures laboratory internships in different specialities so that students are trained to high performance in basic microsurgery skills and can shape their professional career towards their favourite speciality.

Moreover, students will participate in the design of scientific experiments, interpret and analyse data, and be in charge of animal species’ post-operative care.


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

The master’s and postgraduate diplomas are officially recognized by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

According to the European Commission, this university has been awarded as the best Medical School in Spain thanks to the assessment of its students in 5 areas under 35 indicators:

  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Knowledge Transfer 
  • International Outlook
  • Regional Commitment

Recognized by relevant professionals in the sector and international organizations, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is, without a doubt, a benchmark in education and e-learning in the medical industry.

Why you should study on this platform

  • Fully access from any place and at any time, according to students’ needs
  • Self-paced studies
  • Wide range of training
  • Possibility of training in all specialities
  • Cost-saving in transport and/or materials.
  • Balance between study and work
  • It promotes the student’s responsibility, autonomy and empowerment
  • You will have a professional instructor by your side during the whole educational journey
  • Up-to-date and quick access to new industry information
  • Possibility of creative and innovative experiences

Would you like to know more about the endless possibilities in this sector? Discover our article about applications and e-learning in the medical and healthcare industry.

How the RMEs web app works


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