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Business models are changing and purchasing habits have been transformed. Retailers must find new ways to attract, retain and deliver value to customers.

Competent brands emerge from consistent experiences joined to achieve a homogeneous, clear and differentiated brand experience. The mobile device and Apps are key elements of Branding, excellent tools for customer's loyalty, as they reflect the brand's commitment to maintaining a permanent connection with the customer.

At Goo Apps, we design tailor-made solutions that meet your customers' expectations, generating value and making the difference with the competition. We design the App that provides brand quality, with an intuitive and attractive design aligned with the company's image. Our goal is to create valuable content within the App providing the best user experience and increasing the value perceived by the consumer.

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Our purpose is to help strengthen your company's image, improving the way you work and positioning your brand in the consumer's mind. Our goal is to create a strategy that will enhance the user experience, creating value for stakeholders and providing quality  information, reward and loyalty programs.

At Goo Apps, we want our Apps to reflect the value of your company. We work hand in hand with you, always using cutting-edge technologies, to develop the App that increases your brand value and offers your users a quality experience through their mobile devices.

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 At Goo Apps we offer you this and much more:

  • Omnichannel strategy
  • Added value to the product
  • Brand experience
  • User experience
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Notifications
  • Option to share in RRSS
  • Online ordering
  • Suggestions mailbox
  • Code reading
  • BackOffice for user and news management
  • Traceability and graphics

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