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In the Sport and Wellness sector, it is likely to use different smart devices to quantify data related to the world of sports, food and welfare.

Every day, people give more importance to their quality of life and the connection with different intelligent and wereable devices , offer different options of measuring different parameters and to be able to get information about personal well-being.

In Goo Apps, we develop the app to offer the study of different quality of life parameters through connections with different wearables and IoT technology.



As per studies, it is predicted that there will be connections with more than 215,000 units in 2020, which entails a remarkable increase in sales of smart objects with the possibility of connecting to different apps.

  • Statistical calculations to improve the quality of life
  • Technological evolution
  • Communication on different platforms to share information
  • Integration of different smart devices to obtain different data
  • Management of different data and assessments
  • Marking goals and routines
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  • Apps connected via Serial Bluetooth to an smart goal detection technology receiving information on the speed of a shot and position
  • Reception of data using BLE for the monitoring and registration of footprints during sports exercises
  • Forwarding data and statistics to backoffice through WebServices for further analysis and study
  • Use of intelligent textile technology to study body behavior in real time
  • Use of smart devices for the monitoring of specific routines
  • Digitalisation of surgical procedures, to facilitate work for health personnel and to have greater control
  • Mobile applications for the management and control of healthy lifestyles
  • Big Data to analyze medical results
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