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The Revolution 4.0 in the industry sector has led to a huge commotion and pressure. This new stage encourages enterprises to invest in technology and digitalisation in order to remain competitive.

In Goo Apps, we develop the app integrated with iOT and/or management systems to improve processes and take the leap to lead this revolution.


Throughout in industry and transport and logistics alike, new technologies have marked a "before and after" emerging new collaborative business models.

A new way of handling material resources and passengers through new sales digital channels as well as immediacy have been completely changing the sector.

As per different studies, the 88% of retailers consider innovation as a strategic objective.

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  • Apps for employee and communication control
  • Digital solutions for task and time management
  • Big Data for analysing production processes and decision making
  • Internet of things (IoT) for the collection of information in real time
  • Goo Check for the audit of vehicles and machinery
  • Process Mining for the process analysis and improvement in decision making
  • Geolocation of vehicles and materials
  • Mobile applications for booking transport services
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