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The Health Sector is pioneer in terms of using technologies. As a result of generation shifts in medicine, new branches of health have emerged. Some digitalised branches that we can find in this sector are Health Care, Telemedicine or E-Health.

The predictions for the next few years say that more than 50 million people will be using mobile applications that are designed to improve health and well-being.

In Goo Apps, we develop the app that is indulged in the new Health technological branches by using IoT in smart objects .

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Hospital la Princesa de Madrid


  • Security for the patient
  • Statistical calculations to improve different fields of medicine
  • Technological evolution
  • Communication between the medical team
  • Integration of different smart devices in order to yield different data
  • Management of shifts, time and tasks of each team specialist
  • Process control
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  • Apps connected via Serial Bluetooth to an smart goal detection technology receiving information on the speed and position of a gun shot
  • Reception of data using BLE for the monitoring and registration of footprints during sports exercises
  • Forwarding data and statistics to backoffice through WebServices for further analysis and study
  • Use of intelligent textile technology to study body behavior in real time
  • Use of smart devices for the monitoring of specific routines
  • Digitalisation of surgical procedures, to facilitate work for health personnel and to have greater control
  • Mobile applications for the management and control of healthy lifestyles
  • Big Data to analyze medical results
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