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The new generations come digitalised. As a result of this generation shift, the way of sharing and receiving knowledge has evolved and in recent years, the use of technology has increased in the education sector.

With this new digital stage, new concepts and ways of sharing knowledge have been created, such as gamification, learning e-learning or MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).

In Goo Apps, we develop the app to be indulged in these new forms of learning .

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona


Nowadays, the 93% of jobs in Europe are developed with the use of computers and digital media. In doing so, the new generations have to be in constant training to implement new technologies in their future.

  • Application with a maximum degree of usability
  • Interaction between users
  • Graphic content
  • Information exchange
  • Loyalty
  • Cost savings
  • Personalised training
  • User management
  • Integration with teaching staff
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  • Information systems for collaborative learning
  • Development of video games for learning
  • Mobile application development to keep real-time communication with teachers and the rest of the community
  • Web and mobile application development for reservations of online and offline courses , personalized individual learning tracking
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