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Personalisation and technology are the two foundations of these sectors.

In the eCommerce, the consumer has taken control over it and nowadays, he himself, via extreme personalisation and online sales channels, makes his purchases and organises his leisure time.

In Goo Apps, we develop sales application and/or direct communication channel in order to transform consumers into customers and users.


As per studies, the 64% of users prefer to buy from mobile applications compared to 52% who prefer to use the seller's website. Through these studies, we can see the powerful trend of sales through applications .

Leading these technological shifts in order to know and assess the behavior of the clients, to improve the internal management and to facilitate the decision making of the business.

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  • eCommerce for product sales and/or services
  • Big Data
  • Mobile applications for service management and reservations
  • Augmented reality for the creation of virtual catalogs
  • Development of online stores, greater visibility of businesses, products and/or services
  • Booking system for your products and/or services to generate the highest efficiency
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