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GooApps "On air"

Last Monday, November 30, we were on air participating in the Capital Radio, Capital, la Bolsa y la Vid program, hosted by Julio Rodríguez, Director of Red Mentoring Spain. Our CEO Eric García shared the microphone with Javier Sesma, General Director of thyssenkrupp Elevator Innovation Center.

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Hackathon Health Winners!

PreveMama, the App which detects the risk of breast cancer won the V Virtual Health Hackathon in the category Growth: Novartis Challenges in Effective Clinical Communication.

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Goo Apps | Making headlines

"Elevator pass", an app based on contactless technology that the company has developed as a result of international cooperation to respond to market needs.

The system works through a QR code online, offline and also for users without a mobile phone. Similar to a boarding pass, QR codes can be generated at any time through an app that has been developed in collaboration with the GooApps ® company, located in the Impulsa building of the Gijón Science and Technology Park. Users scan these codes on a reader installed next to the elevator on each floor of the building, thus eliminating the need to press buttons, and the system also makes it easier to maintain safety distances. The QR codes generated are universal and can be sent and received by text message, WhatsApp or by e-mail, in addition to being used with wearables, smartwatches or autonomous robots. For non-digital users, these codes can be printed on paper and also linked to 3D printed Braille codes, thus providing universal contactless access for anyone.

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