#GooBeers #EncuentrosGooMedical | Technology and health outcomes

On November 29, a very interesting #EncuentroGooMedical took place within the framework of our monthly event #GooBeers. If you couldn't attend live, don't worry, you can watch it at any time on our YouTube channel.

Patricia Alonso, Dr. in Medicine and member of the Board of SEDISA, Ricardo Castrillo, General Director Ferrer Spain, Luis Lizán, Founder in Outcomes'10 and  Dani Royo, Service Attention and communication with the Patient, a luxury panelazo led by our collaborator Javier García, Founder Addinet HealthCare Partners.

Every 35 minutes a medical technology reaches the European market

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GooMedical® Solutions | AI and telemedicine

Do you want to know how GooMedical® applies Artificial Intelligence in its latest telecare project? Hit play!


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Top App Development Companies of 2020

We have recently been valued as one of the best app development agencies by the specialized platform DesingRush

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Health apps:  What regulation does Europe apply? Google Fit & Apple Health

Eric Garcia CEO of GooApps and Júlia Bacaria CEO of Global Legal Data, an expert lawyer in data protection law in the public and private sphere, will help us answer these questions.

The personal data protection and its security is one of the main concerns when developing an app and even more so when the data to be collected is of a sensitive or health nature.

In this meeting we will talk about what health and exercise data is automatically collected on our mobile devices by Apple and Google through Google Fit and Apple Health while we will resolve legal doubts about how to carry out a correct data treatment , its security and requirements to comply with the general data protection regulation (GDPR) and LSSI.

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Ready to continue talking about innovation and apps. This time on the training and professional field we will answer both questions.

On this occasion we collaborate with the Asturias ClusterTic and the Asturias4STEAM program, the objective of this talk is to help professionally guide VET students from the IT and Communications professional family.

The Asturias4STEAM program is one of the actions included in the 2018-2022 Science, Technology and Innovation Plan of the Government of the Principality of Asturias with the aim of improving the training of human resources in R + D + i by promoting talent regional.


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GooBeers The last of the year

On December 29, our monthly event #GooBeers will take place through our YouTube channel.

On this occasion the protagonists will be the members of the GooApps® team where we will do a #retrospective of this year's activity, we will present the #route sheet for the year #2021 and analyze some of the #challenge, #solutions and #trends of #mHealth.

We also want to count on your participation with a #ChristmasCheers with which we intend to congratulate you on the holidays and wish you the best for the year 2021.

Day: December 29

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Online Site: GooApps® YouTube Channel

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New business hours at GooApps2.1

2020 has been a year full of #changes in all areas of our lives, and GooApps® as a team and a company have quickly #adapt to them.

In addition to a new intensive schedule and work flexibility, to reconcile work and family, #telework has been implemented in 100% of the workforce.

The results of this are an open door to #creativity that does not understand schedules, as well as incorporating #talent from anywhere in the #world.

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Happy New Year by GooApps®

As Woody Allen says:

"I am interested in the future because it is the place where I am going to spend the rest of my life"



Let's build that future together.

The GooApps® team wishes you a Happy 2021!

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Welcome Team GooApps®

Guillermo is passionate about surfing, with a restless spirit and in love with  #FrontEnd and #ReactNative.

Graduated in multimedia engineering from La Salle (Universitat Ramón Llull) in 2016 he was working on frontend since the third year of his studies, but what he really enjoys is building mobile applications in React Native. Methodical and organized, he is already participating in the creation of new Apps.

We could summarize with a single expression:

Good vibes!

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GooApps "On air"

Last Monday, November 30, we were on air participating in the Capital Radio, Capital, la Bolsa y la Vid program, hosted by Julio Rodríguez, Director of Red Mentoring Spain. Our CEO Eric García shared the microphone with Javier Sesma, General Director of thyssenkrupp Elevator Innovation Center.

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Hackathon Health Winners!

PreveMama, the App which detects the risk of breast cancer won the V Virtual Health Hackathon in the category Growth: Novartis Challenges in Effective Clinical Communication.

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Hybrid Apps Vs Native Apps

On October 29 at #GooBeers our CEO Eric García offered us a masterclass on mobile technologies and applications. Watch it on our YouTube Channel!

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mHealth and humanization of healthcare

On October 8, the first GooMedical Meeting took place on our YouTube channel. A first-class health table in which issues related to mHealth and Humanization of health care in different areas of health were addressed.

Manuel Bayona,, Area V Manager of SESPA

Diego Velasco Escribano, Director of Innovation at IRYCIS-Hospital Ramón y Cajal

Pilar Álvaro Ruiz,, RRMM Supervisor of Hospital Gregorio Marañón

F. Javier Garcia Ordoñez, Founder Addinet Healthcare Partners

Eric Garcia Ordoñez, CEO of GooApps®

Lukas Kosnar Health product manager at GooApps®

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Now available on our YouTube channel!

On September 25 we were at GooBeers with Dr. Francisco Javier Rascón Risco. We talk about the beginnings of eHealth and how, step by step, telemedicine and visits to the doctor, walk in parallel to meet in the not too distant future

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Goo Apps | Making headlines

"Elevator pass", an app based on contactless technology that the company has developed as a result of international cooperation to respond to market needs.

The system works through a QR code online, offline and also for users without a mobile phone. Similar to a boarding pass, QR codes can be generated at any time through an app that has been developed in collaboration with the GooApps ® company, located in the Impulsa building of the Gijón Science and Technology Park. Users scan these codes on a reader installed next to the elevator on each floor of the building, thus eliminating the need to press buttons, and the system also makes it easier to maintain safety distances. The QR codes generated are universal and can be sent and received by text message, WhatsApp or by e-mail, in addition to being used with wearables, smartwatches or autonomous robots. For non-digital users, these codes can be printed on paper and also linked to 3D printed Braille codes, thus providing universal contactless access for anyone.

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Back at #GooBeers and ready to continue talking about innovation in technology and health.

In this GooMedical meeting we have the opportunity to chat with a representative of the pharmaceutical industry and put on the table challenges from innovative Startups such as Perdigó and GooApps®

As usual, the meeting will be energized by our colleague:

  • Javier García - Founder of Addinet HealthCare Partners

We have the participation of:

  • Eloy Gomez - Vice President of Oncology GSK
  • Arnau Perdigó - Medical Device Consultant
  • Eric García - mHealth and CEO of GooApps

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